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S4S Technologies is the food preservation company that invents new food processing machines. We sell these machines to farmers or use these machines at our own facility to produce best quality processed food.

We supply these high quality processed food to range of clients. With technology at it’s core, S4S Technologies work with range of partner organizations to create sustainable supply of processed food products. Contact us if you are looking for solar powered dehydrators or source high quality dehydrated products.

Our Technologies

Solar Conduction Dryer

UN award winning: Solar powered- electricity free- dehydrator that uses conduction – convection – radiation – all modes of heat transfer to deliver the world’s highest drying efficiency. Machine that doesn’t need any maintenance keeps the nutrients at its peak level. No surprise more than 1,200 farmer cooperatives across 8 countries are using it at farm level. S4S works as aggregator to supply these ingredients to businesses.


The low temperature internationally patented technology can dehydrate all tuber crops like ginger, turmeric, cassava to retain 25-50% more the key ingredients like curcumin and ginger oil. The electricity powered machine is highly energy efficient needing only 10% of energy than its competitors.


The latest addition to S4S portfolio, SmartDry brings the best of humidity and heat controlled drying to dry special food products like cooked products and selected fruits-vegetables or say Kale chips. The mobile controlled machine combines high end science of drying and offers unique trade secret recipe to control quality.


S4S brings the most ‘High Profile’ machine to it’s processing facility: FrostDry, the in house freeze dryer of S4S, uses the fundamental physics of how to form and control ice crystals in freeze drying to enhance drying quality and optimize drying cost. FrostDry allows the drying at -20 deg C to keep the nutrients intact and give best re-hydration characteristics.

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